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Morning ...

As I've probably mentioned, working the 3rd shift at the Census is a real buzzkill as far as my schedule is concerned. While it does provide me the opportunity of going to interviews (if any should happen to come up) and networking events, I pretty much have 12 hours that need to get divvied up between sleep, looking for a REAL job, and family stuff ... and sleep is usually the thing that gets screwed up.

So, yesterday I dragged home from the Census, with a plan of getting caught up on Twitter reading, resume sending, etc. ... instead (after falling asleep at the keyboard about 10am), I went to bed and slept for 4 hours, got up, did a couple of errands for The Wife, sat down to try to read, slept for another 3 hours, got up, tried to do some stuff on the computer, fell asleep at the keyboard for 3 hours, dragged off to bed and slept for another 4 hours. I guess sleep won for Friday. I did wake up at 4am "pretty well rested" and got back to the computer, and am now trying to desperately get caught up on the stuff I thought I was going to be doing all day yesterday.

Had another book review in The Job Stalker last week, the post being over there ===>. This was one of two (hopefully I'll have another up on Monday) books that I recently was sent by Ten Speed Press that I thought were not going to be very interesting, but ended up being quite engaging. They're certainly "on target" for the blog there.

By the way, I've been chuckling all week about a quote I read somewhere (I wish I could recall the ultimate attribution of it) ... "SteamPunk happens when Goths discover brown!" ... I don't know why I've found that as amusing as I have, but there it is.

Could I get a real job now? Pleeeeeease?

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