BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Didja miss me?


You gave up even paying attention?

Bleh. So, I went off to some networking events this week. This is, after all, why I switched to 3rd shift, right? However, running off to a networking event means that I pretty much only have about 3 hours of time to wrap around 4 hours of middle-of-the-day sleep, which means further culling activities. Guess what? Yeah, you lose (assuming that not having my blitherings show up is a "loss" and not a "win").

I did try something new this week, however. Since my networking events were all down in the Loop (and the Census office is just west of the Loop), I've just been staying downtown and cruising in 2 hours early, which I then spend napping in the relative discomfort of a spare "classroom" space. Since I'm so sleep deprived, I am able to sleep, but with frequent waking up due to various pressure points (on the 3 chairs I have lined up) causing various degrees of pain. At least I'm getting those extra 2 hours in before the supervisor from the 2nd shift comes in and rousts me at midnight.

Last night the networking event I was at ("Ignite Chicago", didn't Mrs. O'Leary's cow originate that one?) let out early so that folks could run off to see the Hawks game. We win ... oh, boy. This actually allowed me to spend 2 hours over at the food court at the train station (across from the office) and get two book reviews knocked out (one you've already seen), so I guess that was a good thing, but I would have preferred a more aggressive "networking" part of the evening than the tepid wind-down to the event.

Anyway, here I am. Over there ===> is last Wednesday's The Job Stalker post featuring another local "job search" resource. I'm still amazed that I've been totally stonewalled by several folks I've contacted, some of whom I thought I had very cordial relationships developed with over time ... nothing like finding out who thinks you're a sack of shit, eh? I have another set up for next week (who was refreshingly enthusiastic), but I'm wondering if this "feature" will be sustainable. Giving folks a nice promotional opportunity for their biz, and getting frozen out (from various contact channels), quite the slap in the face ... who knew?

Oh, well, I gotta get to bed ... was planning on being asleep for an hour already by now!

Would somebody please hire me for a REAL JOB????

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