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Oh, eh ... win a championship for once or something ...

So, this morning I get out of work at 8:30 and am presented with a challenge of how to get home. Why? Well, <=== that was about to break out, and bazillions of hockey fans were descending on the Loop, with all the usual bus routes being totally scrambled. Due to a strange convergence of factors (like my 30-day CTA pass mysteriously dying sometime between yesterday afternoon and when I needed it to get in to the Census last night), I ended up on Lake St. (fortunately, the CTA offices where you can get those replaced were a scant few blocks from the Census) so took the El from there over to State, then ducked around to Dearborn where the #36 bus was still running. The Girls are home today (school's almost out), and I was wanting to show them what had been delaying me ... and ended up spending the next 3 hours in a combination of napping and watching the victory party (which was pretty dang impressive). I don't recall the city shutting down Michigan Avenue like that previously, but it was a solid mass of people from the river (where the stage was) all the way on down to Randolph. Some of the Blackhawks players were up here yesterday doing a "pub crawl" with the Stanley Cup, and I'm sure it's going to be insane out there tonight!

Anyway, as you can tell by a look at the graphic and some minimal math, I'm a week late pointing out ===> that post in The Job Stalker, which was last week's "data dump" of links. As I've noted, these have been the most challenging to keep up because they're based on what I read in Twitter, and if I don't read much Twitter (as my schedule dictates these days) I don't run across interesting job search articles to share over there. Needless to say, I find this very frustrating, on an on-going basis. Fortunately I'm up to almost a "full week's worth" for today's post, and I'm hoping to block out an hour or so for that later to fill that up. Like you care.

Anyway, as always, the clicky-clicky is appreciated.

I recently have come to realize that I've become one of the "grey beards" over on the Trib's "Chicago Now" site, as when I took over penning the blog there the site had only a few dozen blogs, and they're now up to like four hundred. Of course, if somebody HIRED ME (for a "real job" that would not involved a whole other job of looking for a "real job" like the "temp job" over at the Census does), I would happily cease being the Job Stalker. Really.

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