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So, Daughter #2 wants to learn to play violin, and The Wife has gotten her lined up with some classes this summer. One of my tasks last week was to run her over to this place which rents string instruments and get her set up with one. Fortunately I'd been walking around with the cash payment from re-writing the copy on this one small agency's site for a couple of months, and had cash-in-hand as the guy there didn't take plastic (things keep sinking closer and closer to a barter economy!).

Anyway, that's the set-up to what I'm actually here to blither about this morning (aside from the fact that I'm up and The Girls aren't, delaying what ever Fathers Day events that have been planned). On the way over to the violin place, I was regaling #2 with stories of Papa John Creach and the possibilities of "rock&roll fiddle" ... then telling her that I'd pull out the appropriate CDs and let her listen to same.

Uh-oh. It appears that I only have Bark and Long John Silver on vinyl ... which is buried within my Mayan-esque storage/filing system here, and would require Major Efforts to extract. So, off I go to Amazon to see what the new/used guys have going for these Jefferson Airplane classics. WHUH? The cheapest available copy of Bark was $27.77 and that was just for a "good" copy! There was also an import which had both albums in a dual-release edition but that was only available used for $29.99 ... not exactly the price range I was looking for.

Amazon has new copies of the remastered version of Long John Silver pretty much at list ($22.98), but that at least has "new" versions from the new/used guys for as little as $6.28 (I'll probably grab that for her). But for Bark ... dunno what to do. I've never bought an "MP3 Album" before so wouldn't have a clue of what to do with the songs ... how is that "delivered"? Just as a download of the individual files? Are those transferable between systems? I've totally steered clear of digital content due to the piracy issues (once you've been in Publishing you take Intellectual Property very seriously), and really don't have a clue what the dynamics of that runs on the "legitimate" side of things!

Daughter #2 has an MP3 player, and I'm assuming that she would be OK of having an album just in digital (unlike her Dad, who can't really picture either Bark or Long John Silver without the cool stuff that came with the original albums ... that would be like getting Alice Cooper's School's Out without the panties!), but I "have issues" with paying $9.99 for just the files without physical media.

Anyway ... as you may have noticed this was yet another The Job Staker entry ... this featuring the latest "book feature" as per the graphic ===> over there. Since these (as opposed to "author interviews") just feature me talking about my reviews, and since you've already read the reviews (yeah, I know, it's right up there with the Tooth Fairy, but I try to believe that somebody's reading), there's not much new for you to enjoy, but a "courtesy click" is always appreciated (especially if your ISP is in the "Chicago Market" which would then net me a whopping half a cent from the Tribune!).

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