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As of my clicking "Post to btripp" you will be officially caught up with my The Job Stalker posts. Isn't that exciting? Of course, this is currently more a function of the paucity of those posts than the communications appearing here, but you take what you can get, right? Also, I'm sort of "cheating", I started my Friday post about 11pm last night but still don't have all the links for my weekly "link dump" lined up, but it will be posting that as if it was last night, maintaining the illusion of a nice tightly-scheduled blog.

Had a bunch of stuff happen this week ... Friday morning was the official end of the 3rd shift at the Census, and was a fairly rude surprise for many there. I'd been feeling unwell on Thursday (I'd been running errands out in the heat on way too little sleep), sufficiently so that I opted to call in sick (and I usually have to have body parts falling off to take a sick day). I ended up missing the notification that evening ... but it was pretty "cold" ... one of the supervisors (there are 5 "boats" for different functions, each having supervisors) was told that THAT was her last night, and most of the rest of the 3rd shift staff was told they were done as of Friday morning.

My "boat", however, is scheduled to keep going at least to 7/27, with on-going QA follow-up, and I'm being moved back to the 2nd shift (3:30p - midnight), and being put on a special assignment for our over-all group supervisor. The good news is that I'll be back to sleeping at night, the bad news is that I'll have to do some hard negotiations to make it networking events (even though they made my schedule so that I was off on Thursdays and working Saturdays) if they're on "work nights". The other "good news" is that this special assignment looks to be doing 90% computer research rather than doing the follow-up phone calls that the rest of the QA clerks are doing, or the pencil-in-the-info stuff that I was doing over-night. Needless to say, letting me loose on the database is a LOT better use of my skills. I guess digging up those "semi-unapproved" references that I'd done early on pointed out that I might have some use when it came to finding files that had gone missing!

Speaking of networking, I was off at two things this week, one a TweetUp for ChicagoNow, which was good for touching base with a whole bunch of the Tribune folks (as well as some of the other CN bloggers), and the Social Media Club's monthly meeting, which was co-meeting with The British Council, that had group in from 22 countries doing a program here. That appeared to be very good for making new contacts, including the possibility of a project of developing a Ning site for one group.

On my way from that (it was at the Holiday Inn at the Mart Center, about 2 blocks "as the crow flies" from the Census, about six blocks "as the BTRIPP walks") I had a strange encounter with a cyclist right at the Lake St. bridge. He and I were evidently both watching a car which was obviously weighing the odds of making it across Wacker on the yellow, and he didn't see me (I was probably blocked from his view by the bridge supports), and I didn't see him (again we both were probably "locked on" on the car) and we hit the same spot in the crosswalk at the same time. Neither of us got knocked down, although we did have a bit of a head-knock, and I figured "no harm, no foul" told him it was "no problem" and headed on in to work. Well, this morning my foot on that side was all swollen, red, and sore, and it took hours to recall that it probably did get run over in that encounter (the velcro strap on my shoe had opened up in the collision). I'm assuming (being that I've probably walked 3-4 miles on it since then) that nothing's broken in there, but I hope it isn't anything that's going to require another trip to the doctor/hospital.

Last night was The Wife's birthday, and we celebrated with dinner down in Greek Town ... she's very fond of this one place with a large outdoor area there (Athena), and we've gone there for at least the past 3 birthdays, remarkably with wonderful weather each time.

Anyway, as one might have guessed that post over there ===> is my interview with Shel Israel of Twitterville, the review of which you read in this space last weekend (you did, didn't you???). I was somewhat disappointed in what he got back to me with, but I tell 'em I just need a couple of sentences for each (and he's certainly not in the "job search" zone), and he evidently didn't feel like over-extending himself (he is just out of surgery) on it. Oh well, he did come up with some good answers to a couple of the questions! Do give it some clicky-clicky ... it's at least an interesting read!

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