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In a funk ...

Oy ... so, I'm sitting here, still trying to get adjusted to my new Census schedule. The 2nd shift part of it isn't so bad, but having Thursday off instead of Saturday is confusing. I mean, it's good since it lets me get to all those Thursday networking events, but I'm never gonna know what day it is!

And then there's <=== that critter. I'd set aside this morning for Twitter reading, but instead (well, I have lots of 800-Tweet blocks saved to disk, of course), I'm seeing the Fail Whale. What's up with that? Is something momentous happening this morning that's pushing Twitter to a melt-down? I feel so cut-off when I can't get in there ... sure sign of addiction, I guess.

Actually, having yesterday off was pretty good. I went to a job fair in the morning (as usual, there were a lot of insurance companies looking for salesmen, a lot of universities, on-line or otherwise, looking for customers, and a smattering of other stuff, none of which really fell into my bailiwick), ran a couple of other errands, and pretty much spent the rest of the day with my banged-up foot elevated.

This "foot thing" is so strange ... as I mentioned before, aside from the velcro strap on my shoe on that side ending up pulling open when I got hit by that bike, there was nothing at the time to even suggest I'd gotten hurt ... the only notable thing was that the cyclist and I had bopped heads (and, again, not painfully). However, after having this elevated for most of the day yesterday (and getting most of the swelling down) it's evident that I caught a pedal pretty hard on the outside of the foot, just below the ankle, and that I ended up getting a pretty nasty bruise across the top of my foot when his front wheel went over it. This is reminding me of when I smashed my wrist/forearm on a door knob a year or so back ... same swelling, same discoloration, same hard area at point of impact, same lingering pain ... that took a couple of weeks to go away, and I sure hope that this is on its way out as well. Again, it's so bizarre that I really didn't feel any worse for wear until a day or so after the collision. At least nothing's broken (or, I assume that nothing's broken or I'd not be able to be walking around on it!) down there.

Oh, over there ===> is last Friday's The Job Stalker post ... featuring a reduced number of links for the week and assorted copy explaining why there weren't very many things to pass along. Oddly enough, this week I had 14 things good-to-go for that by Wednesday ... go figure.

What? You want to know about that job thing? Right. Well ... I added the few edits that the recruiter was suggesting to my resume, and got copies of that to him on Wednesday morning. We spoke that afternoon and he seemed to think it's looked good, and that he's be passing it along to the client. Now, in all of his correspondence so far, he's indicated that the company is very eager to get this position filled (he said by "early July"), so I'm hoping that I will be hearing back very soon. Obviously, I hope they see my resume as the same sort of fit that he did (as one friend said "in what universe does a recruiter get back to you on Monday morning on a resume you sent out on Saturday?") for this position. I, frankly, have been making myself sick with worry that this (like so many other "perfect jobs" before it) will slip through my fingers. Unfortunately, all I can do is hope that this time the Hiring Manager has the same view of things as the recruiter!

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