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I always wonder what to say about the "book features" over on The Job Stalker, as y'all over here have already seen the reviews, and if there's no interview involved, it's pretty much my doing a thumbnail of the review, pointing folks back over here, and maybe more focusing on the "job search" aspects of the book. Anyway, over there ===> is last week's book post (with no interview, as the book's old and the author's dead).

Speaking of dead ...

I heard back from that recruiter yesterday. You know, the one that was VERY excited about my resume being a "home run" for what this company wanted. Well, it turns out I'm not even being pulled in for an interview. Why? Well, he's still scratching his head about it ... the impression he's getting is that, despite what was specifically detailed out on the info sheet about the position, they're now looking for more of an MBA type to "run the product" instead of a communications type to "build the community" (which is supposedly the function of the job). Needless to say, it would be nice had there been better communications there. He did say that this wasn't "over, over" as they haven't filled the position, and that if they are looking now for an MBA type to over-see the project, they're likely to end up needing people to actually implement it, so there might be a window opening there ... but he seemed to be almost as bummed as I am about my not being "the perfect fit".

I was off at a networking thing last night which pulled together "young professionals" (who, me?) with non-profits. I made a lot of new contacts, but don't know how useful any of them will be ... it was largely a "brain picking" session where the non-profits were looking for advice from us. Although I pontificated on a number of things for several of these folks (with what I'm pretty sure is quite targeted advice that they can act on), there didn't seem to much "job opportunity" in play. One group really needs to have its web site re-done, and the guy there from the group seemed to like the over-all ideas I had for it, but they don't have a promotion budget, so it would be pro-bono ... and I've worked on SO many non-paying projects of late that I'm wary about trying to squeeze the requisite hours out to do that on the hope that their board (very well connected) might do some voodoo for finding me a position.

(sigh) I just hate it when something "very promising" falls apart, as I feel like I'm back at square one on the job search ... and that the past 14 months of work has meant nothing other than 7,500 hours of my life that were spent in doing stuff that I really hate and that I'll never get back.

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P.S.: I knew I was missing something here. The other day in The Job Stalker I put a link in to a free e-book that was on ... in order for me to get a copy of this, of course, I had to sign up to Scribd ... I've been amazed that in the few days since I've had all sorts of folks "subscribing" to me over there ... some LJ folks, some Twitter folks, etc. ... how do people suddenly know I'm there? I think I signed up with my FB ID, did that then send out messages to everybody I know on FB that I'd joined Scribd? If so I think I need to post an apology ... I just HATE how FB spams crap like that all the time, and would never do that intentionally for something like this!

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