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Something for the Pollyanna's out there ...

Well, if anybody's into that "it all comes together" or "it's all part of a plan" head-space they'd like the details of the past week. I had a 30-day CTA Pass which had gone inexplicably unreadable within the first two weeks. Fortunately, the Census office was like 3-4 blocks away from the CTA's offices where you can get that stuff dealt with ... I brought in my card and they simply gave me a new 30-day card (essentially giving me 11 free days). Well, that card's expiration was this past Sunday morning ... just enough to get me through my last night at the Census on Saturday. I also had as many as five networking events to attend this week (and next week looks similar), of which I'd only have been able to attend one were I still with the Census. Plus, I have a spider bite (or something) that's making me feel crappy (and making it hard to sleep, it's on my back right where I usually lay down), so I'm not having to deal with that and work.

So, see ... everything's working out.

Oh, except for that not having a job stuff.

I've been "slacking" on The Job Stalker, I suppose. The post over there ===> deals with my not having much to write about. I thought I had some interviews set up, but got stiffed on those. I still don't get why some folks don't want to get coverage ... but I've been blown off by several folks, and recently stiffed by a couple. Add to that my actually reading some books that I'm interested in, and I don't have any "book features" for it either (I don't suppose that blog would be the ideal setting for archaeological surveys!).

Of course, there is quality verbiage on the other side of the link, so go ahead and clicky-clicky. I wish I had more stuff to spew out over there ... I'm getting invited to do "guest posts" on other job search blogs and am being featured in this round-up of "best job search resources", which is nice!

Anyway, my past couple of days have been immersed in reading Twitter, lining up possible jobs for resume sending, and heading out to networking events (and spending some time with The Girls, which is a bonus). All it takes is ONE Hiring Manager to decide I'm the guy they're looking for ... I just have to keep that in mind (but, damn, it's hard to get out resume after resume after resume and have no responses!).

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