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Oh, that's ME!

So, I'm always talking about going off for Networking Events. You may not believe me. After all, have you ever seen me out Networking? No! Heck, even the Chicago readers of these blitherings have probably not run into me in full fling-the-cards mode. Ah, but now there's photographic proof!

Over there <=== is a screen grab of a snap of me chit-chatting with a professor from a local university (and soon-to-be Chicago Now blogger), at last night's monthly Chicago Now Tweet-Up. This is the best shot of me in that particular set (it's #13/22 ... you can get there by clicking on the pic), but I'm in several (even if it's just my ear). My apologies for looking like a drowned wombat in those pics, but it was nasty hot outside, and only marginally less so in the bar, so I was doing my best Buckingham Fountain imitation (I know, TMI).

As I've alluded to previously, the "best part" of getting canned by the Census (just in time to have my not be able to get unemployment ... coincidence?) is having my schedule freed up for going off to networking events. I'm off for my fourth of the week tonight (another Tribune shin-dig), which is pretty much when I start to get burned out ... fortunately, I don't think I have anything more scheduled until next Tuesday, which will, of course, give me time to crank out resumes (I got out 40 job applications over the previous 7 days).

Of course, there's another lovely The Job Stalker post over there ===> for your reading enjoyment. I'd gone a couple of weeks with that pretty much only featuring the end-of-the-week link dumps, which I felt bad about, and that particular piece was pretty much my wallowing in self-loathing about not having more stuff to put up ... but it's nicely written and all, so is worth the effort of doing the always-appreciated clicky-clicky!

I need to get a note pad set up for ideas for me to post about ... I've had a few rants and wry contemplations that I've wanted to pass along to y'all, but they usually slip out of mind when I get ready to push some verbiage through the keyboard. A couple of them are reasonably "choice" (now that I'm recalling some particulars), but they're going to have to wait for another day (I need to be out the door in about 15 minutes to make this evening's event). Anyway, I'm leaving you with some interesting stuff to look at, so I don't feel too bad about running off ... happy clicking!

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