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So, there I was ...

Mea culpa: truth be known, I'm only getting around to writing this because Twitter is busted this morning. As I've noted, I spend six to eight hours a day reading through that for the job search (I get job leads, stuff to read, stuff to pass along on Chicago Now, etc.). I really do feel guilty when I don't post much in here ... but with the job search, I only rarely have time to even read my Friends List on LJ, let alone write. Obviously, "in a more perfect world", I'd have that elusive free time which I could then dole out between projects and interests, but lacking a "must do" (as in my agreement with the Tribune to write The Job Stalker), everything fights with the oppressive imperative of "MUST GET A JOB".

I have, however, fallen behind sufficiently on passing along notices about those posts (you see, if I write there then tell y'all here that you can catch up with me in those, it's almost like posting here) that it got my attention (wasn't I "all caught up" just days ago?) and so, here I am. In fact, I'm here with two things to point you to ... first of all is a "book feature". Of course, you see my reviews before anybody else (I post them here first, then to btripp-books, then to various Ning sites), so in theory you know what I've said already.

In this case I paired up two books about setting up on-line business, one that I'd just finished and on that I had sitting around for ages waiting for me to get to. I was pleased, actually, to have an excuse to get that one reviewed. I have now just one "waiting for review" book that's not new.

The second one of these you've also seen the key elements of ... it's my crowing about getting #48 out of 100 on that listing of the top career advice blogs ... which I'm still pretty pleased with myself about, even though it probably doesn't "mean much" (it's not like I'm having recruiters lining up to place me because they read that). Anyway, needless to say, I'd appreciate it if you'd click through and give those a read ... I can use all the half-pennies that I can get!

I've been meaning to do a bit of a rant in here ... and I don't know if other people are having this "problem". I get, in my non-gmail account fifty to a hundred spam messages per day. Most very similarly formatted, and "technically" conforming to the "CAN-SPAM" regulations in that they have what purports to be a mailing address (one of a handful of P.O. boxes), and an "opt out" link (neglecting, of course, the fact that I never opted in with an "account", "subscription", or "profile"). The company or companies doing this, however, have a rather nasty feint in play, as the addresses all go off to different domains ... every damn e-mail has a different domain, and requires a separate effort to "opt out". Obviously, these scumbags are grabbing domains that have expired (there's a wide array of things that look like somebody forgot to renew), and setting them up as the e-mail source for these "offers". For a while there, I was making the effort to "opt out" but it seemed that Hydra-like, for every opt-out, five more new spams would show up in its place. Makes me NUTS.

ThunderBird successfully labels all of these as spam ... I just wish it would get rid of them the way that Gmail does (of course, the catch there is that TB's filters frequently will tag something non-spam as spam, and at least with my having to manually delete these, I can catch those!). Oddly, this has just started up recently ... and I can't really point to what's causing all this stuff to make it through to my in-box ... anybody else having similar problems?

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