BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Went swimming with Daughter #1 yesterday evening (the pool just opened at the building) ... and I got an ear full of water that STILL hasn't drained ... arrrgh ... hate that!

Today was aforementioned Daughter's 4½ year "birthday" ... we did a mini-celebration for her, with a few presents. Last December she got SO overwhelmed by the combination of birthday and Xmas in a little over three weeks ... we're hoping to minimize her birthday gift-wise this year, without minimizing it celebration-wise ... a hard line to walk, but there were toys she got in December that's she's just realizing NOW that she has! It's crazy. Nothing like waiting till you're in your late 30's and/or early 40's to have kids to trigger frantic outpourings of swag from the surviving grandparental units!

Her big gift this time was a Barbie digital camera ... she's been showing a real enthusiam for photography (probably due to my habits in that area), and The Wife did a little math and decided that it would be MUCH more cost effective to have Daughter #1 shooting digital rather than burning through film and processing while she learns how to handle a camera! The only downside to the Barbie cam is that it only stores SIX images ... I'm thinking of taking my old 386 laptop (whiich ceased to function some time ago) in to the shop to see if they can ressurect it, just to act as a storage unit for the cam away from home. At least now I'll have access to a digitial cam! Pretty typical ... I'm the LAST person in the family to get technology I want, since I end up buying it for eveybody else (for birthdays and Xmas) but can never justify spending the money on me (which is why my mom, brother, and father-in-law all have web cams and I don't!).

Anyway, we went to the Rain Forest Cafe for dinner, which is Daughter #1's favorite restaurant. Fortunately, Daughter #2 (who is still not 4 months old as yet), found the tropical fish tank next to our table fascinating, so we got through 3/4 of the meal without my having to walk her around (good thing Daddy vacuums in his food, so he's done in time to quiet the baby!).
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