BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Whuh? A MONTH? What?


I know, you're sick of me whining in here when I post about how little I've been posting, but this all just gets away from me at times. I have some handy excuses, but you probably don't much care (these primarily focus around doing a lot of networking events of late, which keep me away from the keyboard, and drain the hour bank so that I have to be in a constant state of "catching up"). Again, if I had 72-hour days I'd be all over posting in all my blogs, but unless I have something specific (like a book review) to get up, yakking takes a back seat to the job search.

Of course, this brings me back to The Job Stalker, as I am expected to be posting in that on an on-going basis, so IT gets chunks of the schedule thrown to it, where this doesn't. Since, to a certain degree, what I write in there is "what's happening in my job search" stuff, it's also bleeding off content which would generally be in here, which is the main reason (it's not for a handful of half-cent clicks) why I keep pointing from here to there.

Anyway, when I post over there I do a screen grab, edit it with the date/title and save a 300px-wide thumbnail just as "part of the process", and I do notice when these start stacking up in that directory, so I was aware that I was getting WAY behind on this stuff in here, but, frankly, just did not have the time to do anything about it (as a post in here takes up anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour). I did decided that I was going to have to start "bunching" these, which is why you're seeing three today. I am rather mortified, however, that it's been more than a month. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

The three posts above are two Friday link dumps, and a Monday book feature ... you've seen the review on which the latter's based, and may not be that interested in the links, but (as always) I appreciate the clicky-clicky ... they're from 07/23/2010, 07/26/2010, and 07/30/2010. These are where a lot of my verbiage is ending up of late, so if you're missing the sweet flow of my angst, you can load up on it over there.

I had a "reflective moment" this past week (generated by my going back the LJ calendar view to pull up a link to something from a few years back here), and realized that I've been using Twitter very much like I (and most folks) used LiveJournal in the early days. It used to be a lot more of 2-3 line posts here, and many of them a day ... with lots of folks following, commenting, and riffing on the stuff that others had put up. That faded over time and things here tended to me more "journal entries", mini-essays on what was happening in one's life. Twitter is fast and furious (and very hard to keep up on unless you're as obsessive about it as I have been), and has that "in the moment" appeal that used to be here. Oh well, "Life is change, how it differs from the rocks" and all.

I only have one book to review this weekend, so you're likely to see more posts like this soon.

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