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So ... here's another week of The Job Stalker for you, this one being fairly representative of the usual cycle there, a book feature on Monday (in this case, an e-mail interview with the author of What Your Body Says, reviewed here a few weeks back), a look at some recruiter/placement firm on Wednesday, and the ever-present link dump (and retrospective on my networking) on Friday ... the above appearing on 08/02/2010, 08/04/2010, and 08/06/2010.

Again, if you're not looking for work, the theme and focus of those probably isn't of much interest to you, but it does have my random blithering, and that's what lures you in here, right?

As I've noted previously, aside from all the basic money-to-pay-the-bills aspects (and the vaguer "having purpose in my life" angles), one thing that I really look forward to in eventually landing a job is having free time. It is SO hard for me to take any unstructured "me time", even the couple of times a week that I settle myself in to the Barnes & Nobel cafe with my netbook is more to get some reviews written (and some reading time in) in a less distracting context. It's not relaxation (despite coaxing 3-4 cups out of those Hot Cinnamon Spice tea bags), but pushing through on projects that aren't researching & applying to jobs. The thought of doing something as simple as watching a movie on my own (not even going to a movie, just popping in a DVD), seems like a massive betrayal of my family, that those couple of hours would be being stolen from activities that might maybe somehow lead to finding me some gainful employment. If I HAD A JOB, there would be time which was taken up by the job and time that WAS NOT ... time that I could do things that I wanted to do, projects that have no immediate evident pay-off that I could start, etc. Heck, any more I feel guilty if I read books that aren't job-search related, so I don't even have that activity free and clear!

It's pretty sick to be wanting work to be able to have "free time". Twisted. Very very warped. However, if I'm not putting in at least 12 hours a day on the job search, I feel like some slothful sack of shit. It ain't pretty being the obsessive/driven with nothing concrete to apply it to ... life becomes one endless programming loop, querying moment to moment if I "have job", and, if "no" (the status of the past 15 or so months), running back to "do job search activity" pretty much until I fall asleep at my desk. Sick. Doomed.

Anyway, that leads me straight back to why I've been such a bad LiveJournaler of late ... as even writing this out has pushed me into the Must Do Job Search Activity zone! I could have, for instance, gotten out a half a dozen resumes instead of writing this. Arrrgh ...

Anyway, as the "Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101 Version 2.4" famously said: "I'll be back." (after all, I've got another 8 of those screen caps waiting to be foisted on you)!

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