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And another week you missed ...


Yeah, more clicky-clicky for you ... 08/09/2010, 08/11/2010, and 08/13/2010, another week of The Job Stalker you may have missed! Again, you've seen the core review for the "book feature", but the post up there puts that in a more focused context (well, for the job search), so you might want to give it a read. The middle one is an interview with Lynn Hazan, a Chicago-based marketing head-hunter that I've known for years via the local networking scene. And the last one is yet another "review of my week" with links. I know it's not the same as my blithering in here, but you can at least get caught up via those!

I wish I could get "caught up" ... had two major projects that I had every intention of knocking down yesterday but an array of "stuff" (ranging from a stopped-up sink to having to create a banner for The Wife's office) kept me reeling and largely AFK. I eventually gave up on focused activity and at least finished reading one of the four books I have going. Ah, chaos. At least this week I don't have a mass of networking events to go to (I have one that I'm "wait listed" on) which means that I have maybe another sixteen hours in my schedule this week that I didn't have the past few when I had four events a week!

Anyway ... hopefully I'll be back in here before too long with a book review for you (that I can then feature for my Monday post in The Job Stalker, of course!).

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