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If anybody's been following my Twitter stream this morning (who am I kidding? nobody reads me here, there, or on Chicago Now!) will realize that I'm in a cranky mood. Hell, I really wanted to get this shit out to you yesterday but didn't have the time, and I was planning on doing this "first thing this morning" and here it is nearly 2:00 already. I can't even begin to tell you how pissed off I am about that ... which means I only have 3 hours to get EVERYTHING ELSE done before I'm off for a networking thing.

Anyway, above is another week's worth of thumbnails pointing off to past posts over at The Job Stalker, these being things that went up on 08/16/2010, 08/18/2010, and 08/20/2010. You've read (or have had ample opportunity to do so) the book review featured in the first of those, and the latter is just another end-of-week link dump, but the middle one might be of some interest as it is my 100th post over there, and has a full set of links pointing back to all my previous posts. I did this because you're only able to "back up" through about 40 posts on ChicagoNow ... don't know why, but that seems to be the way it is, although all the individual posts are still available, if you have direct link to them. So now you (and everybody else) do.

I have something stuck in my craw today. WHEN did people start with this "best practices" bullshit? I have never worked in an environment where the term was even used, let alone the whole anal superstructure involved in "you have to do it THIS way because it's best practices". The only people that I've ever encountered who use the phrase are folks who "couldn't (fill in activity) their way out of a paper bag" without detailed instructions ... THESE folks seem to think that having one (and only one) way to do stuff is a godsend. However, I've run into "essay questions" of late on some job applications that are asking me how I would "apply best practices" to various scenarios, and I don't even have a CLUE as to what sort of bullshit they want me to parrot back to them! What's up with this? In every situation I've been in the focus was on GETTING THE WORK DONE, and whatever needed to be applied to that end (as long as it was legal, ethical, etc.), was fine, hell, it was encouraged! Nobody ever said "well, we can't do THAT because it's not in the manual!", or questioned the long-term results of staying up for 72 hours. When did this mealy-mouthed piece of "corp-speak" get started? It drives me nuts!

Grrrr ... well, there's your post. I've got 3 more thumbnails in the file.

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