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Catching up ...


So, with the above thumbnail links, we're finally up to now (or Monday, as the case may be), with 08/23/10, 08/27/10, and 08/30/10. I didn't get a post up last Wednesday, so that's two book features (which you've already seen the reviews on) bracketing a link dump ... all real quality verbiage, I assure you! You've heard it before, but I'll say it again, I'm hoping that I'm going to be able to start "keeping up" with posts in here following posts over in The Job Stalker, I manage to dump a link into FecesBook every time, so you'd think I'd be able to jot down a couple of witty paragraphs here to go with the link back over there.

I was off at a MeetUp tonight for the Chicago Online Marketing Group (which I'd just joined) for a "beginners course" in WordPress. I'd been familiar with WordPress as a platform that other folks used, but have never had any reason to try it. It looks like the new 3.1 version is very easy if you have some place to host it ... which I do, of course ... so I'm thinking of maybe making yet another "book blog", but this time with a more "commercial slant". It shouldn't be that hard to port over all those reviews from the btripp-books LJ account (although there are very nearly 400 of them at this point, so it IS a rather daunting project), and would let me see if I could get some affiliate dollars from Amazon!

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