BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ...

So, as I've mentioned, I spend significant chunks of my day reading through the 600 or so Twitter accounts that I follow. Some of these are folks I know IRL, a few of these are folks I know from LJ, a number are "industry folks" who are useful to keep up with, but a whole lot of them are job boards and other employment-related feeds. The image below is from "ChicagoWebJobs" (betcha couldn't have guessed that!), a very handy feed in that it is both geographically targeted, and industry targeted (as opposed to the "static" that fills up a lot of the others). I was quite taken aback when I saw this ...

Now, I didn't click through on the link, but I was half wondering if the hiring manager knew what they were asking for ... this is the web equivalent of looking to hire a "hitman" or a "safe cracker" or a "cat burglar" (who'll bring their own tools)! The company might as well be saying "to hell with legality and ethics, we need somebody skilled in criminal behavior!", and maybe that was their intent ... but it was certainly odd to find it out there for the whole world to see (it may have been from a Craigslist post, where it would be more at home).

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