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Yeah, yeah, yeah ... so here we are again, catching up on the posts from over on The Job Stalker. Not, of course, that I anticipate anybody reading this (if there are people reading this space anymore ... I've gotten so damn BORING over the past year or so, out of fear of being AUTHENTIC and so screwing up a possible hiring situation!) having been "holding their breath" excitedly awaiting the next ChicagoNow post. You've heard the excuses, just mentally cut-and-paste them and I won't have to try to work up some paraphrasation of 'em here.

So, two link dumps and a book review. I had expected to have had a "guest post" last Wednesday, but the person (who contacted ME to do one) never got something to me, and when I suggested some parameters and going for today, well ... they just faded away. Unless I fall asleep at the keyboard upon coming back from the networking event that I'm about to duck out to, I do intend to have a Wednesday post up ... but, we'll see.

Anyway, here are The Job Stalker posts for 09/10/10, 09/13/10, and 09/17/10. The middle one is about a book (that you had a chance to read the review of here), which you know I didn't much care for, but I tried to be nice about it over there. The other two are link dumps and updates. UPDATES, like what I ought to be writing in here ... so that's one of the things that you should probably check out. Those two do have a good example of my "photoshop" (, actually) skills, as both of those images were quite different in their originals!

Anyway, there you go. I need to roll out of here. Maybe you'll hear more from me sooner than later ... but I'm not promising anything!

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