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So, this looks to be a pattern ... I would very much LIKE to be more regular with these postings, but if I could update y'all on my The Job Stalker posts at least once a week, it would remind you that I was still around, right? Right? While "what I'm doing" is not the focus of those posts, the data still sneaks in, so it's the best way of keeping up with me aside from Twitter.

I did manage to get three things up in there last week, on 09/20/2010 I did a promo for that new Scott Stratten book that I raved about in here previously, on 09/22/2010 I did a piece about stuff that I'm grateful for in these tough times, and on 09/24/2010 (my birthday), I did my regular end-of-week link dump, networking update, and rant. The rant's continuing, just mentally throw an ellipses on it. As always, I'd appreciate some clicky-clicky love on those links, just to push my numbers up a bit (I earned a whopping $1.20 last month ... good thing 7-11 has that 99¢ special or it wouldn't have even bought me a cup of coffee!).

Speaking of stuff rant-worthy ... I put this blog through a service called and was told that (in their analysis) it was "probably written by a female somewhere between 66-100 years old. The writing style is personal and happy most of the time." Do you know how hard it is to "not be ME" in my own damn journal that I've been writing in for a decade? Maybe all those hiring managers are looking for somebody "edgier", did anybody ever think of that? But, noooooo ... I'm coming across as Betty freak'n White in here, trying to look employable. Makes me want to put all the wrong sort of @#$%^& keywords in here, lemme tell ya!

On the very slim positive news front, something that I briefly alluded to a few weeks back came through. It turns out that the problem with my old/good computer was not the HD dying, despite that being the opinion of the whole Internet and most of the stuff that was popping up on the BSOD. No, not a HD death, but a SATA plug problem. Through a series of serendipitous situations, I ended up at a conference with my old boss from Simuality, who had gone home (when we had to vacate the office space a year ago May) with a nearly identical machine to mine. His machine was having drive issues, but they were able to trace it to a SATA socket that was going bad on the motherboard ... he unplugged the drive cable from that, plugged it into one of the other sockets, and no more problem. Back in January I'd bought a new HD for that system, and was totally stymied that when I plugged it in where the old HD had been, the CD-launched Ubuntu session was unable to even see it. Now I swap back in the old HD, plug the SATA cable into a new socket and ... we're good to go! So, just in time (since my other "frankenstein" machine was driving me nuts with having to reboot out of freeze-ups 20 times a day) I'm back with my "good" machine!

The only down part of this is that it appears that the drive I bought to replace what I assumed to be the dead drive was itself DOA ... as I have been unable to come up with a plug combination that is making it visible to the machine (and I was looking forward to having that 1tb of storage). Of course, having bought this in January, and it now being September, I was SOL as far as getting a return/refund/replacement for it, which sucks. Of course, back then I had no way of knowing (OK, I could have "done surgery" on The Wife's computer - which has SATA connectors - to test it, but that would have been very unpopular) that there was a problem with the drive, the suspicion fully falling on the system.

Anyway, I'm now suddenly back to being in the same computer configuration as I was in last December (minus, thankfully, the intermittent Blue Screen of Death ... knock on wood), which is a happy thing, if dripping in all sorts of bitter irony (whodathunk to just try changing what SATA socket the drive was plugged into?) that none of the frustration around that needed to have happened.

I wish I could report anything good on the job search front, but aside from the same-old-same-old (hey, I got out forty resumes over the weekend) it's still just staring into the abyss for me. Hell, The Wife's new insurance wouldn't even pay for me to get a damn flu shot the other day, so I'm playing craps with the germs this season. Sucks to be me, eh?

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