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Dealing with potential terrorists HERE, and NOW ...


Wall Street Journal writer Peggy Noonan has put out a really good piece ... ... about how to keep your eyes open to what is STILL happening around us. Unlike the platitudes of potential "Fifth Columnists" like Oprah and the rest of the Leftist orthodoxy, Noonan points out that TODAY, in New York (and cities all up and down the east coast) there are young Middle Eastern men doiing what sure as hell looks like "recon" for future attacks. Read it.

As Noonan writes: "In the past month I have evolved from polite tip-line caller to watchful potential warrior." ... I think this is what we ALL must do. I recently purchased an inexpensive (under $50.00) digital camera. It is small (about 1x2x3") and takes OK images. I'm adding that to my standard "briefcase load", with all my assorted Network Marketing promo stuff and Eschaton info ... the stuff I just carry around "because". I also have my cell phone ...and from now on, ANYTHING that I see that's suspicious, the way the stuff Noonan describes in this piece is suspicious, is going to get recorded and reported. Right there, right then. These pigfuckers are in our midst, hundreds, if not thousands of them. We can't wait to let "the authorities" to make things safe ... the FBI, etc., can't be everywhere all the time ... we need to be pro-active and vigilant.

I urge you to join me in this. Get an inexpensive digital cam that you can keep with you. Have your cell phone ready. When you see "suspicious activity" RECORD it and REPORT it. We're not talking about confronting people here, ideally, these guys won't even know you've taken their pictures ... but if just ONE terror cell gets busted from your tip, you could have saved thousands of lives.

Remember, whe KNOW what these guys look like, we have a good idea of what is "normal" behavior and what is not ... it is our DUTY to at least make the effort to stop what we can stop before they can create more chaos. Be ready to call the FBI (the tip line is 1-866-483-5137) with ANYTHING you find suspicious!

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