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OK, let's get the blog stuff out of the way, shall we? Here's another week's worth of The Job Stalker posts. On Monday 09/27/2010 I didn't have a book to present, so I went with info on a webinar that Chris Brogan was doing last week, plus a Blog Talk Radio show focused on a book I'd covered a couple of weeks back. On Wednesday, I was going to be featuring "a special offer" by another author/coach, but it had filled up within a day, and he suggested I pull something from his archives, which is what I did as a "guest post" on Wednesday 09/29/2010. Finally, on Friday, 10/01/2010, I did my usual "link dump", followed up with archive info on Brogan's webinar, pushed some networking info, and had a bit of a rant. Again, if you're looking to keep up with me, the whole "Tribune thing" keeps me focused on regular output over there.

Speaking of the Trib, I went to a "Colonel Tribune" TweetUp on Friday down at the Billy Goat Tavern. It was good, if thinly attended ... of course, having fewer people there meant being able to have some more "significant" discussions. I just hope some of that leads to a job!

I had a DISASTER strike last night (and I'm not talking about the Bears game), I had been using my netbook quite a bit over the past week or so, and was down under an hour on the battery, and was waiting (as per the battery's instructions) to totally drain it before doing the next re-charge, when I picked it up to hook it up with the power cord, I went to grab something which was slipping from where I was going to be putting the netbook, and it slipped out of my hand. OMG! OMG! OMG! This netbook has been such a blessing since I got it, and I can hardly afford a new one currently. It didn't have a HARD fall (it was first slowed by the power cord), but it did go bump and bump. I don't see any physical damage, but when I plugged it back in, there was something clearly wrong. It booted OK, and started to load up the Windows desktop, got all the icons in place, and started to load the stuff in the task bar, when *POOF*, black screen, power light off. I tried this twice, with the same result. Now, at this point it had a totally drained battery, and I'm hoping that maybe this was having some problem with that, but I'm very worried (I've had too much stuff to get done today to have the "emotional stress" involved with finding that is toasted, so I haven't tried working with it yet). I can only begin to tell you how horrible this is, as it's been "my favorite toy" since I've had it, and it makes it VERY convenient for me to write/work/Twitter from pretty much anywhere. I hate to ask folks prayers for inanimate objects, but if you could light a candle for "equipment healing", I'd sure appreciate it. This is such a bummer.

On a more positive note, I may have a bit of a freelance assignment coming up, dealing with Virtual Worlds management ... unfortunately, I'm having to sub-contract the "heavy lifting" coding work, but the parts that I'll be doing will at least be paying a decent hourly wage (however many hours this turns out to be ... it could just be a few days, it could be an on-going project). Again, it's not a job, but it's better than a kick in the teeth (or a sharp stick in the eye).

On that thought ... Never ask the Universe "What Else Could Go Wrong???", as it is likely to let you know in very ugly ways!

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