BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, that was fun ...

There's this thing over on Twitter called #HireFriday, started by a recruiter, which has recently spun out to a LinkedIn group. Somebody just posted the suggestion of doing one's resume as a "Wordle", which seemed like an amusing enough way to start the day, so I plugged in the .txt version of said document (you can also have it go grab stuff off the web or things on your system) into the entry box, and this ===> came up.

Pretty fun, eh? There are like dozens of options for how this appears (in terms of color schemes, layouts, etc.), and you can go in there and tell it to remove certain words, but I just went with the random thing that it generated (oh, a larger size version is linked to this thumbnail, just click for the big one). I don't know what practical use this would have (I can just imagine sending this as "a resume"!), but figured it would be something amusing for putting up in here.

On the job front ... I am "holding my breath" on a project. This wold not be a job job at this point, but it would be a fairly substantial project (at a very respectable hourly rate), which has the potential of turning into something on-going, which could then evolve into an actual job. It's a virtual world project, under the aegis of a tech agency that I've been talking to for over a year, with the client being a VERY well known institution. I ended up pulling in a SL coder that I'd worked with at Simuality/Liminati (as parts of this were beyond my grasp of LSL), but there is the possibility that we might end up being the "virtual worlds division" of this agency if this goes well, and they're able to build that side of the business up from it. It would be cool work, reasonably well paid, and from home ... not too shabby ... I'm just trying not to get too "hooked into it" as there's still the outside chance that the client won't "buy".

It would be SO nice to be able to pull back from the job search, though. As I've noted previously, looking for work is NOT something that "I do well", and it's certainly not something that I enjoy (well, from an OCD perspective, some of the research aspects aren't all that unpleasant way to spend my day, but the whole STRESS aspect of it sucks). Yesterday was a pretty typical one ... I was at my desk from 8am till past Midnight, with the vast majority of that digging for openings, and sending off resumes (some of it was working on the WSI project, site maintenance, phone conferences, etc.). This, in the long view, is a pretty horrible waste of my time, talents, and attention ... so, needless to say, I'd be MUCH happier being able to create something (oh, and get paid for my efforts as well).

Anyway, thought I'd pass along this thing. Go check out that site if you're looking to kill some time, it's a lot of fun messing with the font, the colors, the layout, or just hitting the "randomize" button over and over again!

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