BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Uhhhh ...

Well, that's strange. Today I pulled up Google Maps as I was looking for the "official name" of the park at the hub of the ever-so-charmingly named "Viagra Triangle" outside our building (it's Mariano Park, in case you were wondering), and started to zoom in on the Chicago area. I happened to have the focus of the zoom somewhat south of our area, and found myself looking down on Jackson Park (next to University of Chicago, and home to the Museum of Science & Industry), complete with quite a large airplane. I think to myself, "hmmm, that's an odd place for an exhibit!" (being several blocks south of the museum, and apparently in field), so I zoom on in, and find this hippie-dayglow airplane effect ... which I'm assuming is due to a time lapse on the satellite camera, and the plane in question about to make its approach to Midway.

If you click on that you'll get a bigger version. I know that some folks make a hobby out of finding odd stuff in Google Maps, but this was purely accidental, and figured I'd share!

On other fronts, I got TWO phone calls yesterday wanting to set up phone interviews next week. As you may have noticed, is has been quite a long time since I've mentioned (or have had) a phone interview (let alone a "real" interview), so I'm pretty psyched. I'd be happy with either of these gigs, so have my fingers crossed that these will go swimmingly. On one of them (interviewing me on Monday) is looking to fill this right away, so that would be good too!

Wish me luck.

More blithering coming soon ...

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