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OK, so I've had two "real" posts here in the past week ... that's not too bad, eh? A bit more variable than book/blog/book/blog/book/blog, etc., right? So, you're not going to mind so much if I catch you up on The Job Stalker, are you? This was another "standard" week, with a book on Monday, an "industry" piece on Wednesday, and the Big Link Dump on Friday. More specifically, I did a thing on that "Dragonfly Effect" book (the review of which was in here a week ago) on 10/04/2010, had another "guest post" on 10/06/2010, and had a whole mess o'links featured on 10/08/2010 ... needless to say, I'd appreciate clicky-clicky on those links (gotta build up those half cent payments, I made a whopping $1.20 from the Tribune last month).

I've had a very interesting past few days. I got called twice on Friday about phone interviews, one of which I had this morning (which I think went rather well) for a Marketing Communications position, and one that I'm still waiting to hear back on. Then today I got another call to set up an in-person interview for a "Web Coordinator" position, which I'm driving out to the suburbs for on Thursday (I think if I end up there I can take the train). The one I'm waiting to get an appointment for is an On-Line Content Manager job with an ad agency. All of these are fairly attractive, each with pluses and minuses. Needless to say, I'm hoping at least ONE of them makes me an offer!

I spent much of the weekend working on stuff for that Second Life project. I'm trying to not log in too many hours as we don't have an official client as yet, but I was able to work up a good graphic to use in-world (as the basis of the 5,000 signs we're supposed to be doing). It was also my first venture into SL for nearly the whole year. It's nice to have the good computer back ... I hope it stays functional at least until I have a decent income coming in!

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