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I was busy ... really!


Sorry for the gap in posts, but the past week was hectic, as will be this one. Had a bit of a flip-flop with The Job Stalker last week, as Friday was "Blog Action Day", and the charity being pushed was the same as that of "Age of Conversation 3" (a book featuring a section by moi), so I moved the "book" feature from today to Friday, and shifted the "Friday link dump" to today. The regular book feature (although without a review) was on 10/11/2010, another "guest post" came in on Wednesday 10/13/2010, and the Blog Action Day post was Friday 10/15/2010.

However, after months of just spewing resumes out into the void, "the dam broke" last week, and I got invited to speak at a conference, had two possible freelance projects come in, had two phone interviews, and one in-person interview for jobs. One of the phone interviews has since "converted" into another in-person interview (which is coming this Thursday), and I suddenly am back to hoping that I might have a job at some point soon-ish!

I was off at the On-Line Marketing MeetUp group's monthly get-together this evening down at the SES (Search Engine Strategies) conference tonight, and will be back down there (the Hilton) for an event for the Social Media Club tomorrow. Then, in the "wee small hours" of Tuesday/Wednesday I'm going to be driving to Detroit with a few other folks for the "140 Character Conference" at which I'm supposedly "an ambassador" from the Chicago Twitter community (it's largely symbolic, but it does include free admission). We're driving straight to the conference, attending the conference, and then driving back Wednesday night ... hopefully giving me enough time to get rested up for my job interview on Thursday!

If all goes well with the job interview, there is a chance I could be employed as soon as the first week in November, as that group is looking to get the position (it's a web content gig) rolling as soon as possible. The place I interviewed at last Thursday is on a longer cycle, hoping to have that done by the end of the year. Anyway ... lots of chaos, but I might come out the other end with a job, which is LONG over-due!

As always, more info on the details of what I've been up to are in those posts up there, so not only will your clicky-clicky add a few more half pennies to the till, but you get to find out what I've been doing!

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