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Whirlwind week ...


I was just about to launch into this and realized that I was veering into "teacher mode" (tell 'em what you're going to teach 'em, tell 'em what you want to teach 'em, tell 'em what you just taught 'em), as most of what I have to report I covered as "upcoming" in my last of these.

Anyway, here are links to the my most recent 3 posts over on The Job Stalker. As always, I appreciate getting the clicks, if not for the half-cent that I'll get for the "Chicago market" page views, at least to push up the numbers in my logs (it's pretty depressing to spend an hour or two doing a blog post and see that my link to it only got about 3 hits!). As noted previously, I did a flip-flop last weekend due to "Blog Action Day" coming a week ago Friday, and having been a participant in Age of Conversation 3, which shared the same charity, I figured it would make sense to make that the "book feature", but to run it in the usual slot for a link dump. So, the first of these here, from Monday, 10/18/2010, is the collection of links from the previous week. As I, again, mentioned in the previous of these, I was doing a one-day roundtrip out Detroit last week for the "140 Characters Conference", having been invited to attend as an "Ambassador" from the Chicago Twitter community; Chicago Media Club head Tim McDonald (who was one of about 70 speakers on that program) and I drove out for that (in one of the fancy new cars that sponsor Buick had provided), and I made an effort to "liveblog" the event on Wednesday 10/20/2010. The third one was "getting back to normal", with the standard Friday link dump (and e-book or job search links, which is now up to 28 pages!), on 10/22/2010. All of these are just aching to be read, of course.

On my own job search front ... as you know ... I had an interview a week ago Thursday, and then another this past Thursday. I have VERY high hopes for the one from this week (as I felt the interview went very well, and I'm a great fit for what they're wanting for that position), although I've already heard from the earlier one that they're "going a different direction". One way or another, I'll be hearing soon, as they want to have that position filled by the second week in November ... I just hope, hope, hope that it's going to be me!

I have a couple of other things floating around out there ... had discussions with a few contacts at the Social Media Club event down at the Search Engine Strategies conference last week, one about doing some blog writing for their clients, and one for "consulting" on some meeting planning. I'm still waiting to hear on that large Second Life project ... which if it comes through I'll have to push a LOT of hours through in a very short time to get my part of it done prior to when I'd be starting the other job (assuming that I'll be starting the other job). I also had a couple of other phone interviews that I'm waiting to hear on, and (after so many months of nothing) it's getting somewhat confusing balancing out all these "anticipations"!

One thing that I realized is that, if I do get this job, I'm going to have to start the process of finding the "new Job Stalker" fairly soon. As you may recall, I got that gig through a series of "challenges" in the previous Job Stalker's posts. I'm thinking more towards posting it as a writing gig on Craigslist and seeing what comes in "over the transom", but I may also "punt" and see what the ChicagoNow folks will suggest. This is becoming somewhat of a "Doctor Who" scenario ... same blog (character), different writer (actor), with different foucs, voice, etc. (I mentioned that they'd likely miss my links when the next Job Stalker was in place!).

Oh, and ... you know a couple of weeks back when I was devastated about my little netbook having a "gravitational incident"? Well, when I finally got together the emotional wherewithal to address it (I was trying to get into the case, but failed), I figured out a "work around" that is letting me still use it. As I noted, the unit boots up normally, loads in Windows, populates the desktop, and then, when nearly everything in the taskbar is loaded, hits something which makes it cut power and go off ... just "poof". I thought this was very strange, and wondered what it would do if something was running. I experimented by opening up one of the .txt files I have on the desktop as it was loading in the stuff in the task bar, and, remarkably, this was "just enough" to keep it from crashing. Again, I still can't figure out what would be causing this, but I'm happy to have it work ... at the point when it was previously shutting down, it instead "flashes" on the text file and highlights the tab for that on the taskbar, as if it needs attention. Once I click back on the .txt file, everything works normally. Needless to say, I'm still a bit "gun-shy" on this (since something is still clearly wrong with the system, and it could get worse), but am thrilled to be able to use it!

Anyway, please say a prayer, light a candle, sacrifice a chicken, or something for me getting the job I interviewed for this week!

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