BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK ...

So ... I got a call-back.

The interview I was on last Thursday seemed to have gone well enough that I've been summoned to a second interview, this with the CEO and Regional VP of HR.

I don't know if this is the Marketing team "presenting" me as the guy they want to hire, or if I'm one of a handful of folks "making it to the next level". I am very nervous about this. I'm (obviously) hoping it's the former, but fearing that it's the latter (which opens me up to being crushed if they take somebody else).

If they do like me for the job, things will roll pretty quickly, as they'd indicated they really wanted to have a body in place by 11/8.

This gig would be very cool ... it's "sort of" in the non-profit sphere (where I've been networking a good deal over the past couple of years), it's a "marketing communications" position, which does play to my strengths better than a more narrowly-focused "web content" or "social media" job, it's paying in the "slot" that I typically list as the salary that I'm looking for (although it's nowhere near six-figures), it's in the city (if only barely) with three options for getting there via public transportation, and it's with an established institution that is not likely to "disappear under me" like my last four jobs have.

In other words, it's the sort of thing that I could get into and stay with as long as they'll have me.

I'm hoping that the meeting tomorrow is a "final approval" thing and not "playoffs" of the top candidates ... after 17 months of looking for a new job, this is so tantalizingly close!

Oh, dear ... I'm one of three candidates they're bringing in. Now I'm very, very nervous!

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