BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Arrrgh ...


So Friday came ...

... and went. And I heard nothing, no call, no e-mail, nada, despite spending the whole day (and missing two networking events) starting at the GMail screen, and repeatedly checking that the phone was working, and even having my cell phone charged and in my shirt pocket.

Now, admittedly, Friday was not, I suppose a "carved in stone" Day That I Would Be Notified, but a week ago when I was in for the second in-person interview they told me that "they should know by (next) Friday" ... I mean, anything could have delayed their decision, they had the third person they were going to interview coming in at some point in the middle of the week, and something could have come up with that ... right?

Needless to say, I. Am. Freaking. Out.

All the Pollyanna crap about "everything has a purpose" and "it wouldn't happen if it wasn't right for you" etc. doesn't make the property tax payment or buy any groceries. I don't know how I can start at "square one" again, as we've burned through so damn much already. To be THIS CLOSE to finally having a job, and (for all I can tell) have it slip away, is going to kill me (or at least make me wish I'd died before this all happened!).

Arrrrrgh ...

Anyway, last week I managed 3 posts over on The Job Stalker last week (I don't know what I'm going to do this week, I don't have anything for either Monday or Wednesday). As always, would appreciate the clicky-clikcy on them. The first up there, 11/01/2010 was a feature on that "job security" book I reviewed last weekend ... the author got me back the interview questions that afternoon, raising my already sky-high stress levels in the process. The second 10/03/2010 was a "networking" catch up, talking about two events from last week (written fresh from coming in from Scott Stratten's presentation at the Social Media Club's monthly event). And, 10/05/2010 was me "navel-gazing" about waiting for word on this job (along with the weekly link dump). All have quality material, and more day-to-day info than has been getting in here of late.

It's probably "jumping the gun", but I think I have a replacement lined up for writing The Job Stalker if I do, indeed, get hired in the near future (instead of this just being the universe jerking me around again). I've spent all weekend cranking out resumes, as at least that feels like I'm doing something, but everything seems so doomed and pointless. It's like the only reason there's hope in my life is so that it can be CRUSHED.

I sure hope this job manages to slip through the cracks in my erstwhile living damnation ...

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