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So, there we go ...



So, the big news is ... hell, it's not big news, it's the same-old, same-old.

The universe has once again chosen to kick me in the balls. Thank you very much.

After waiting for 25 days since my 3rd interview (all of which seemed very positive to me) on that Marketing Communications gig, I finally get the "Oh, sorry ..." e-mail this morning. Yes, once again, I'm a LOSER. And, for the third year in a row, my kids are going to have a shitty pantomime of a holiday with Daddy not having any income. Gee, let's pretend that this crap from the dollar store is a bunch of really cool toys! Let's pretend that taking the Santa Train around the Loop is sort of like going on a vacation. Let's go have one of those special Dollar Menu meals out, since Daddy can't afford to take you to a real restaurant!

Back to square one. Eighteen months into a search where I'm spending 12-18 hours a day looking for a goddamned job. Life is Hell.

So, I must beg your indulgence for my not having been particularly communicative over here in LiveJournal land, aside from the past couple of book reviews. I've been blithering on Twitter, and have wanted to write stuff in here, but I've been, on certain levels, "holding my breath" over the past 3 weeks, waiting for the call or e-mail that was going to summon me off to a new job, and I've been "out of sync" due to that.

I have, for the most part (you will note one Wednesday being missed), been keeping up with The Job Stalker, and so you can sort of catch up on my activities through that. I've got posts from Monday, 11/08/2010, Friday, 11/12/2010 (I was supposed to have had a "guest post" that Wednesday, but got blown off on it - still with no explanation), Monday, 11/15/2010, Wednesday, 11/17/2010, and Friday, 11/19/2010. As always, I get some ego gratification from seeing those numbers go up (even if you're not in the Chicago market where I'd make a half cent per click), so do clicky-clicky, even if your not all that interested in reading my scribblings on the other side of those links!

On the positive side (there is one?), I've had a couple of freelance assignments come in ... they're not going to "make things right" financially but they're at least going to help pay the real estate taxes. One of those posts up there is all about how refreshing it was to launch into one of these projects ... I am so sick of "being on the bench" as I really HATE looking for work, and wish I had some WORK to do ... but looking for work trumps any "busywork" that I might try to create for myself, as any waking hour that I'm NOT doing something to find work, I feel like I'm betraying my family.

Yeah, really ... sucks to be me.

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