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So ...

It's been EIGHT WEEKS since I last posted anything in here. Wow. Considering how integral an element Live Journal was in my life over the past 10 years, missing two months is really remarkable. My first instinct is to profusely apologize, but I doubt there are more than a scant handful of people even looking at my L.J. anymore. Sad.

In my second-to-most-recent post I mentioned that some freelance projects were coming my way. Well, between November 26th, 2010 and January 11, 2011 I was buried in one, running up nearly 350 hours over that stretch. I wish I could say that I was getting paid for all those hours (I'm probably going end up getting paid for about 1/3rd of them), but we had to come up with a proposed number of hours for this project and our initial estimates (before we'd had a realistic chance to accurately time elements of the project) were very "optimistic" to start, and then the folks writing the proposal went low instead of high, so the total project bid was for significantly less hours than I alone put in, let alone adding on the efforts of other team members. Anyway, I will be seeing some money from it, so that's good, just not as good as it would have been had this been on a more open-ended budget.

The project was a "rescue" mission on a substantial build in Second Life ... it's a bit convoluted how this came about, but it involved creating over 3,000 signs for a multi-story build spread out over 4 SL sims, which needed to be good-to-go by the start of the year (we missed that slightly, due to the amount of time everything was taking). This was a major development by a major institution, and their original developer had sort of faded out of the picture after having done "web on prim" signs which weren't working the way they'd been envisioned. So, the first several weeks on this, I spent with cranking out graphics, day in, day out, as many as 18 hours a day. We then spent two solid weeks in-world, getting the graphics onto prims and getting the several thousand signs placed where they needed to be within the build.

Anyway ... a lot of stuff "fell by the wayside" during this time. Not only was I not writing in HERE, I haven't gotten a The Job Stalker post up in over a month, and in December I managed to only read two books (just barely making my 72 book target for 2010). Of course, my job search was also shelved for lack of time.

Anyway, that's why you've not heard from me in so long. I'm sort of getting back to normal here, but have a lot of catching up to do. More details later ...

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