BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Snopocalypse - #SNOMG - 5:30pm

Wow ... just heard that the Chicago Public Schools are calling a "snow day" tomorrow ... to appreciate how momentous that is, there hasn't been one since 1999, and Chicago's certainly not the sort of place that runs screaming from snow.

These are from 5:30pm ... and it's showing the effects, both in a thick snow cover on State Street, and a huge back-up on LSD!

Looking towards the Drive at Oak Street Beach:

Looking up State Street to Division:

The Hancock Center, etc.:

... sorry for the blurriness of these ... my digital camera does not like taking night-time shots without the flash, and shooting through the windows, I had to shut off the flash, so I'm dealing with the best I can get out of either the manual or "stabilized" mode.

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Tags: #snomg
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