BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Snopocalypse - #SNOMG - 7:30pm

If the snow gets any heavier, it will be a moot point about me doing more of these pics ... at the moment I can't even see the Hancock (or even 900 North) through the snow. These are from 7:30pm ... and the Drive is still looking like a parking lot! I heard that there was a bus that had spun out on the Drive up by Belmont and it has been blocking 3 lanes, which could explain why the out-bound time over there is like 3.5 hours instead of 15 minutes!

Looking towards the Drive at Oak Street Beach:

Looking up State Street to Division:

The Hancock Center, etc.:

... this may be it for tonight, unless things look interesting later.

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Tags: #snomg
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