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Hello there ...


Yeah ... it's been strange here too.

Aside from the posting blast from "Snowpocalypse 2011" and my book reviews, I've been pretty silent in here. I guess I updated folks on the general broad strokes of things back in January, but then I fell away again. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa ... again. I mean, what good is a blogger who, generally speaking doesn't blog?

Anyway, I got a mailing from the NaBloPoMo folks (that's NAtional BLOg POsting MOnth for the acronym-challenged) and thought I'd "take the challenge" (that being to post something every day for a month). Of course, unlike its inspiration (NaNoWriMo), which is only once a year, this recycles into a new challenge every month, so it was hardly a unique spark to get back into this.

Anyway ...

One of the things "hanging over my head" was an ever-increasing collection of the above graphics, as every time I do a The Job Stalker post, I whip up one of those (yeah, the OCD won't let me not do it!), and they've been sitting forlornly in the TJS file folder on my system ... I figured that between the backlog of these and some book reviews and maybe some other stuff, I might be able to do another post-a-day month.

Of course "back in the day", multiple posts a day was the usual ... how sad that LJ has fallen into a "back up" communication mode!

So, as you can tell from the above, we're turning the clock back to November of 2010. At this point I'd both heard that the hospital job wasn't happening, and been given the heads-up on the big Second Life project (which, just by-the-by, I still haven't gotten paid for!) the 11/22/2010 post is where I mentioned the no-go on the job (after 25 days of waiting ... it seems that HR had written the "we're sorry" letter but lost it, as I got an envelope with a postmark on it that was 3 weeks later than the date on the letter inside it). This was a pretty straight-forward plug for the book review, so except for the news on the job thing (which I do believe I vented about to a certain extent in here) you weren't missing much about me. It appears that I didn't have anything lined up for the mid-week slot then, as the next is a Friday post, with the link dump on 11/26/2010. I probably could have spun off a separate post for the main subject of that, a heart-wrenching article by a lawyer who was also long-time unemployed, and staring into the abyss of the holidays. I hope everybody will click through and read that piece, as I was recognizing so much of my situation in it.

Well, that covers that week. Some of these weeks had 3 posts, some had 2, and there was one with just one ... along with a 5-week hiatus when I was working 12-18 hours a day on that project for SL ... and I guess I'll just walk you through all these until I get caught up with the graphics.

Later ...

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