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So, where were we? Oh, yes ... turning the corner from November into December.

As you can tell, there were only two posts again that week. As folks may have noticed, The Job Stalker has settled into a pattern of book reviews being featured on Monday, some sort of "industry" profile or guest post featured on Wednesday, and Friday bringing a bunch of links culled from my week's Twitter reading plus whatever "networking stories" I may have ready to relate. This is not a hard-and-fast rule (as frequently I won't have a book for Monday, for instance), but it means that the most likely post to go missing is Wednesday, and that's the case here.

The week started pretty straight forward (on Monday, 11/29/2010) with a look at Seth Godin's Tribes, but I'd obviously got started on the big Second Life project mid-week, and was (as is detailed in the second of these, from Friday 12/03/2010) already deeply involved in "pushing pixels" on that. The graphic was an actual screen grab of me working on part of the the template graphic that I was to use to develop over 3,000 signs, which was what I was doing pretty much non-stop for 3 weeks. Unfortunately, once we got into the project we found it was taking vastly longer than we'd anticipated (we'd initially understood that we had a handful of "types" of signs to do, instead it ended up a several hundred), so the hours kept getting longer and longer.

Needless to say, there wasn't very much interesting for me to report during this period, as I was doing repetitive processes on and on and on until done. As the days crept longer, I also had to abandon all other activities, so not only was I not posting here, I wasn't writing The Job Stalker, and wasn't even looking at Twitter!

And, yes, it does look like I'm going to walk you through week-by-week here, interspersed with the occasional book review, while I try to do NaBloPoMo!

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