BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A break in the action?


Well, no ... not really.

However, on the first one I'd run across what looked like a very good e-book to pass along to The Job Stalker readers, so took the opportunity to throw that up on my usual "book day", albeit without a review (I still haven't read the book in question), on Monday 12/14/2010.

The second one almost didn't happen, as I had so little time to spare, but I'd promised another ChicagoNow blogger (who was doing local organization for the "Project for Awesome" program that I'd do a post for that on the day (Friday, 12/17/2010) that was running. I figured I'd plug Best Friends, but just barely got this up while it was still the day of the web event!

As you can tell from these posts, that week I was doing very little else than "pushing pixels", eating, and sleeping. And it was only going to get into "more of same" (with the focus switching to making the graphics to creating signs in Second Life and getting those thousands placed in this massive 4-sim build) over the next few weeks. I went without doing a post for over five weeks as I could just not leverage out the time to be able to develop and put up (it takes about 3 hours for each of those) any until we got done with the project.

Whew ... I'm getting stressed just thinking about it. I cranked out 350 hours over six weeks or so (which isn't that much averaged out, but most of it was in big chunks) ... which would be splendid were I getting paid for all that, but the odds are good that I'm only going to see money for about a third of the time I put in on it, as the group I was working with had generated a "flat rate" quote to the client based on significantly lower numbers than my initial "ball park" guesstimates, and the actual time spent on it was well over twice that figure. Oh, well, wattayagonnadoo? ... heck, I'm still waiting to get paid at all on this, and I got done with my parts mid-January!

So, anyway, the next of these links (which I, of course, do appreciate the clicks on!), will be from much later.

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