BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

And then, five weeks later ...

The above post is from when I finally poked my head up from that Second Life project. Actually, by that time the SL project was pretty much all done from our end, but it had taken a week or two for me to get sufficiently caught up with stuff to be able to think about The Job Stalker. I wish I could go into details on that whole project, but I'm under an NDA on it (still, I think), so can't go into specifics. It was, however, very involving, with my having to create several thousand images in a graphics program, "pack them up" and send them on to the team member who was the in-world lead. I'd actually anticipated that she'd have been taking these things as I sent them and slapping them onto "prims" in-world, but it ended up that she waited for me to get them ALL done before starting in on that ... which meant that I was also knee-deep in that project as soon as I got the graphics done, however it went much faster than I'd feared, and we had those good-to-go in just a few days. Then came "placing" these in a major 4-sim build ... which took the better part of a month.

That 01/23/2011 post was pretty much a "hey, I'm back" thing, and was a rare Sunday post, which was followed by one the very next day, getting a full week started. These will be showing up here soon!

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