BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Turning the corner into February (recapping) ...


Had another two-post week come up next ... this was another case of my thinking that I had a "guest post" in the hopper, but it never appearing. Frankly, I've become somewhat gun-shy on the subject, as (unless I'm pulling it from e-mails or newsletters) I've been burned about half the time by people who were all enthusiastic about writing something, but then dropped off the radar.

So, there was a "book post" on Monday, 01/31/2011, which was another of those "well, it fits MY job search" books, and then the link dump and networking recap on Friday, 02/04/2011. Nothing of great import here (assuming you've already read my review when I showed up in this space), but more verbiage about what I was doing. As always, I appreciate whatever clicky-clicky lovin' you can give those links!

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Tags: thejobstalker
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