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So, anyway ...

I'm kind of refer-back-to-old-JobStalker-post'ed out ... not that I'm done with them, I'm just sick of yakking about them (so I imagine that I lost everybody theoretically reading this long ago on those). If you were, from some perverse fascination, enjoying them, don't worry, they'll be back ... I am, after all, trying to complete a NaBloPoMo challenge again, and any material I can come up with is one more day that I don't have to think too hard. After today's post over there I'll have four weeks' worth to report on, so that's at least 4 more days of stuff in here. Whoopie!

I have a bunch of pictures in my camera that I thought I'd share, but I'm a Lazy SOB and the process of finding my camera, bringing it into my office, extracting the memory chip, loading the chip in to the reader on the computer, figuring out what pics I want to use, downloading them to a findable file folder, cropping/enhancing them as necessary, uploading them to LiveJournal, and sticking them in a post (as well as extracting the chip from the computer, re-installing it the camera, and putting the camera back in the place I'd found it) is a massive amount of hassle for something that I have a sneaking suspicion is actually being looked at by under a half a dozen sets of eyeballs (oh, dark, dreary, cynical me!).

Just in case you had become so used to my having some sort of pic involved with what had been my all-too-infrequent (and now, I'm sure, all-too-frequent) posts that you were in danger of collapsing into a cognitive-dissonance-triggered seizure had this appeared without one, here's a little snap of me off at a networking event. Yes, it is small, and I do look insane in it. However, if you click on it you will see that it was the product of the photographer snapping a "general crowd shot" at an event down at the Catalyst Ranch ... I noticed this about to happen, and decided to hijack the shot somewhat ... it, of course, would not have been nearly as effective had I not (by pure happenstance) been bathed in quasi-beatific light! Surprisingly, my name tag did not read "The Fat Old Guy", but given the general "would-be-hipster" vibe of the crowd, it would have been more efficient labeling.

I had a meeting this week with one of the groups for which I'm freelancing/consulting and they indicated that their current funding runs through the end of June, at which point, if things keep moving forward the way that all parties involved with the venture are fully expecting them to, there should be a second round of funding, at which point things will move from 3 partners and 3 part-time employees to a staff of 35. Of which I would be one. Full time. Employed. Getting paid, even. Needless to say, this is Good News, but it is still sufficiently a "pig in a poke" from my perspective that I'm not specifically holding my breath in pointed anticipation. I'm just going to keep doing good work in the hours they'll dole out to me and see what comes of it. It would, however, be a swell thing if it happens.

Somehow I can't seem to get through a post without a plug, so let me briefly sing the praises of ... twice this week I've had the opportunity to use them in the last-moment / at-a-whim manner that I find quite handy. On Monday, Daughter #1 was home due to her school being closed for the (I'm assuming) uniquely-Chicago "Pulaski Day", and I'd been tasked with feeding her lunch ... I thought it would be nice for us to go out, so I pulled up (with an e-mail about the code for a 70%-off sale) and got us a $25 gift certificate to a local eatery for $3.00 ... and we were able to have a very pleasant lunch in a nice place for about twice what it would have run for us to just swing into McDonalds. Then, today, Daughter #2 was home early from a half-day of school, and The Wife had suggested that, seeing as I'd treated her big sister to a nice lunch earlier in the week, it would be a good move to maintain the balance of power around here were I to do the same with her today. I pulled up the more recent e-mail (now with an 80% discount code) and got us a $25 certificate for another place (you can only use these once per month per restaurant) for a whopping $2.00 ... and, again, we had a very yummy indulgence for about twice what a fast food feeding would have run. Getting on that mailing list is something that I'd highly recommend!

Anyway, I'm anticipating that you'll see a couple of book reviews show up here over the weekend (they're still not written, but are intended), and then it will be back to catching up on The Job Stalker on Monday, and possibly on through next week. Once we've made it through that we'll see what I can come up with to fill out March1

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