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Well, finally we have a week with a whole bunch of content!

Starting off with Monday 02/14/2011's book review which featured what has become a somewhat-infrequent Author Interview (since the thrust of The Job Stalker is on the job search, I've pretty much given up on trying to do interviews on books that are "a stretch" for that).

Wednesday 02/16/2011 was something of a "big deal", being my 150th post as The Job Stalker, and like I'd done for the 100th post, I did a "directory" listing for the preceding block of posts. I started doing this because I found that, while the posts are accessible if directly linked, you can only "back up" within the blog structure over on ChicagoNow a few dozen posts, making the older ones hard to get to.

Finally, Friday 02/18/2011 had me talking about a networking event which had bummed me out. No need for me to hash out the details here (click on it, already!), but it was a lot of doubt and angst and navel-gazing teeth-gnashing ... along with the weekly link dump!

Needless to say, I wish every week over the could be as content-rich. As always, the clicky-clickies make me less morose about my traffic figures.

More later ... especially since I'm now half-way through this months' NaBloPoMo efforts!

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