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Nearly there ...


Wow ... almost caught up!

Last week was, pretty much, just "more of same" ... featured Gary Vaynerchuk's new book on Monday 03/07/2011. As you may recall from when the review hit here, I liked it quite a bit ... although it was another one of those that was only peripherally related to the Job Search.

I handed over the reins again on Wednesday (03/09/2011) to one of those places that I can only figure is looking to increase their in-coming links for SEO purposes, but it was a piece with advice for kids coming out of college, and that's certainly an area that I've not dealt with much, so figured it worked for everybody.

Finally, Friday 03/11/2011 had both the weekly link dump and my griping about a "scam" networking thing I'd gone to. Now, this wasn't so much a "scam" as it was mis-representing itself. It was run by a local "self development" "Institute" that a lot of folks I know seem quite enamored of, but from the get-go my "cult alarms" were going off, and in the end it was pretty much a heavy-handed push for folks to sign up, which made me very cranky.

So, remarkably, this brings us up to a week out from today. Should I start going back to doing one-off posts? A least with a week of The Job Stalker at a time we get through it faster. I'm just worried (once I get through this month's NaBloPoMo ... heck, I'm worried about what I'm going to fill the space with for the next couple of weeks!) that I'll go back to not communicating in here. Oh, well ... we'll see what happens.

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