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All caught up ...


And, there we are ... right up to this past Friday.

You saw the review in here just a week ago, but I plugged another Seth Godin book on Monday 03/14/2011, "Purple Cow". Fortunately, Seth made this easy for me, having a short section towards the end of the book where he framed much of what he'd been preaching in terms of marketing in the context of the job search. All I had to do was transcribe it, slap it into a body quote, and badda-bing, badda-boom, I had a post good-to-go.

Speaking of ducking the heavy lifting, I had another "query" Guest Post come in last week, this being from a fan of The Job Stalker (yeah, I didn't know there were any either ... I suppose he could have been just blowing smoke up my kilt too), but, almost as a follow-up to the previous week's "recent grad" post, this was one targeting folks leaving the military. Anyway, it filled up the Wednesday 03/16/2011 slot!

Which brings us to last Friday, 03/18/2011, with a report on the Social Media Club event and the weekly link dump. Such a deal.

So, that finally catches up on all those little links off to my "other blog". I'm guessing that you'd just as well have me not dribbling these out in here one-by-one, am I right? I mean, I suppose that I could, but I'm thinking having these bunched into a "week's worth" will work better for everybody. I'd be interested in hearing opinions on this from the other side of the monitor ...

Of course, this now leaves me with 10 days left in March (and the NaBloPoMo effort), which means that I'm going to have to figure out what to post in here. I mean, I'm usually good for a couple of book reviews, but you may be forced to observe some random navel-gazing just for me to get the space filled. I have 3 networking events in the next 48 hours, so I suppose I could detail some of that ... we'll see what I manage to come up with.

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