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OK ...

Well, I took a couple of snaps with the phone today, but didn't get a chance to do much with them. Of course, I don't have a "fancy" phone, so the snaps that I take with it indoors in a meeting room leave quite a lot to be desired (see those The Job Stalker posts with similar shots for reference), so you're not missing much.

I'm dragging this evening because of having had two networking things today. This morning there was a breakfast session hosted by a company looking for "content management" business, who had hired Ann Handley, co-author of Content Rules, to do a series of these talks (Chicago was about half-way through a dozen cities), and I'd been alerted to this from a Twitter friend, and I'd, in turn, alerted other Twitter folks, so there were a handful of folks I knew there this morning (hey, free food, interesting speaker, and a free hard-cover, what's not to like?).

Included in the bunch were two of my co-conspirators in my paid and unpaid freelance/consulting ventures, and both of them had "big surprises" to drop on me ... neither project is "cast in stone" at this point, but one of them had a book proposal coming up for a major metaphysical publishing house (they'd contacted him) that he'd want me to co-author, and the other had a program of events (much like this morning's) to promote their business for which he wanted me to work up a pitch. Wheee ... it's not a "job", but it at least feels more useful than flinging resumes out into the void!

Tonight there was a fund-raising event by the local Twitter community right across the street from me. I hate to spend $$$ on things that don't have direct "what's in it for me" results these days, but this wasn't that much, and it was to benefit relief efforts in Japan. They had a great turn-out, although I think I knew of more people who had signed up (to make the donation) and weren't attending than those who were there, but I got to see a good half dozen folks I'd not chatted with in quite a while, and some of the "usual suspects".

I'm still trying to get stuff together for Ed's presentation at "Ignite!" tomorrow ... I'd produced his PowerPoint deck for that, but was having issues getting a version with embedded graphics in the hands of the folks running it (silly Mac people!), who couldn't seem to get the idea of un-zipping a folder (the .zip file of which they'd had) and running the presentation from inside that. I ended up re-doing the graphics so they were embedded, but then they were having a problem accessing the file on the upload site where I'd put it, and the last thing I did before heading out to the event tonight was e-mailing the honking 23mb file ... fortunately, both ends of the communication had Gmail, so the size shouldn't have been an issue.

Anyway, that's my day. Guess I'm going to have another one tomorrow ...

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