BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Long, strange ...

I saw an interesting post fly through my Twitter stream the other day (and, although I tried to dig it up, I evidently couldn't remember who'd done it) by some "social media guru" that was titled something like "blog in 20 minutes" or "how to write 5 posts an hour" or something along those lines. I connected with it because the core of what they were writing about was like a return to the way that LiveJournal used to be "back in the day". They were arguing that one really didn't have to be writing 500-1000 word screeds in one's blog, but make a point, make it interesting, and hit "post".

Those of you who've been around here a while will recall the days when clusters of dozens of mutually-friended folks here would post back-and-forth all day ... and I think that interaction is what I (and certainly lots of others, given they're getting right about half a million new sign-ups per day) find appealing over on Twitter. However, the 140-character limitation makes "real interactions" much less likely than what was the case when LiveJournal was all fresh and new. While I "know" a lot of people on Twitter, I wonder how real the connection is. Sure, there are "big names" (in the Social Media sphere) who at least recognize my name, and would know who I was if I came up to shake their hand at a conference or something, but there are very few folks from there who I have any illusion of "having a relationship with" beyond that.

As of Cinco de Mayo, I will have been blithering on LiveJournal for eleven years, and there are people that I "know" from here that I really do believe that I know, and that know me.

I wonder if there might be a coming "draw back" from the "microblogging" platforms/plugins and a return to things offering the option of longer format communications (be that L.J. or Posterous or the like). As those of us who were here a decade ago realize, the fact that we can run up to about 10 "typed pages" worth of text per post doesn't mean we have to run longer than a few sentences, or even a few words (and "rinse and repeat" as needed).

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