BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, here we are again ...


Another week gone, eh? Well, I'm almost through this NaBloPoMo exercise, and only have three post to go to complete the post-a-day regimen. Sure hope I don't fall asleep at the keyboard in the next few nights!

So, what did we post up over on The Job Stalker last week? On Monday, 03/21/2011, I did a "book feature" looking at The NOW Revolution which you saw reviewed in here last weekend. Then, on Wednesday, 03/23/2011, I did a real quick turn-around from helping Ed Hubbard with his presentation at Ignite Chicago to post about it that night ... which, you may recall, I "doubled up", doing pretty much the same post over there as I did in here! Finally, Friday, 03/25/2011, brought the weekly link dump, largely distinguished just by the real groovy graphic I found to go with it.

I had one hell of a weekend ... I had a bunch of projects backed up for ClickVisionTV that I'd been planning on spending most of Sunday on, but I also had to help Daughter #2 with getting her "young authors" project pulled together. I turned out that what should have been a 2-hour cakewalk turned into a 14-hour stress marathon with 3 printers going balky on us, and having to wipe her computer back to "factory" and re-install everything. As it was, a lot of the pics in the book ended up being streaky (some quite badly), and I could tell she was very disappointed, but MY "good" color printer was going wonky (I still don't know what the problem is with that, anything I send from the computer to it ends up all over the place, for instance the print-head alignment patterns, which will print in nice orderly columns from the printer internally, end up all "wavy" down the page if coming from the computer!), so we had to deal with what we could get out of her printer.

Anyway, got caught up to a large extent in a massive effort today. Do give the above a click or three, OK?

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