BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK ...

Well, I almost went off to do other stuff (I'm trying to get a book finished tonight), and then thought "oops! only have a half hour left in the day!" ... the downside of the NaBloPoMo process ... I would have been so pissed to have gotten 28 days into the month and then spaced off doing a post!

Let's see if I have anything substantive to yak about ...

Hmmm ... been so busy between ClickVision.TV (which I'm getting paid for - yay!), and (which I'm not), that I've pretty much put the job search ... at least the day-in-day-out crank-the-resumes version (as opposed to the "networking and visibility" side of it) part of it ... on the back burner. The Wife, however, was rather pointedly querying me this evening on how that was going. (sigh)

I guess I could block out an hour each morning to spew out some resumes. I've been still "stacking jobs up" in tabs in my browser from my Twitter reading, but over the past several weeks I've just been intermittently dumping the URLs into a text file "for later", which hasn't come for quite a while. Of course, I'm hoping that the ClickVision.TV project is going to play out the way it's supposed to (with the next round of funding coming in June, which will expand our operations here from one full-time guy and 3 part-timers to 35 full-time bodies, of which I'd be one). It's already "getting complicated" as new shows are pouring in on the site. I'm supposed to be up in Evanston for an on-site day on Thursday, largely to plan out "systems" to keep everything in order. I wish I was better with spreadsheets, as I think what we really need is a multi-level system where we've got "genres" on one sheet, the cells of which open up "show/group" sheets, which then open up into "episode" sheets, which then open up into the details of the ads coded into the videos, etc.   I'm OCD enough to make that work, but it would be a lot easier if I'd had more experience with setting up those sorts of structures ... I'm assuming it's not "rocket science", but I'm also sure there are "quirks" in any of those programs that will be a pain in the ass to deal with!

I'm also having a certain level of "confusion" over one part of this. I've been maintaining the WSI site for two years now, and developing most of the "visibility" aspects of their stuff. One thing that's "in the works" is doing a new web show for them, based on the Salem, MA location (much like Witch City Soap), which will be featured on ClickVision.TV ... which makes keeping up my timesheets sort of schizy!

I'm trying to talk myself into going to an event by 435Digital tomorrow right across the street at Gibson's ... it's pretty reasonable, considering it includes lunch, but I don't know ... they're one of the companies that I'd love to work for, and I don't know if it would "help" to show up for one of their workshops or not.

Oh, well ... I guess I got a post in. Hey, it's more like the old "navel-gazing" days, isn't it? How about that ... don't know if that's good for you all or not, of course. Bleh ... more later.

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