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So ...

Well, it turns out that I opted to go to that luncheon today, and I'm glad that I did. It was a fairly small group, and I was at least acquainted with about half the people there, and it proved to be both an interesting discussion (as most of the folks in the room were Social Media pros, the program, which was on using Social Media to drive traffic to events, was somewhat pulled back into a more "open forum" mode), and some quality networking.

And, then ... there was the food:


Yummmmm! As I've mentioned, in my long stretch of little-to-no-income, one of the most depressing things for me has been not being able to go out to nice restaurants, so when I find myself "inadvertently" in one, I really enjoy it. Plus, this was a serious deal, as I'm sure what I had to shell out for attending the event was less than half what this lunch would have cost in the restaurant. We had a choice between a steak, salmon, and chicken, but I figured it would be nuts to NOT order beef when at Gibson's, so I went with that. This was massive, about 6x5x2" and beautifully done, with about a half a head of broccoli on one side and an awesome potato construction on the other. Then they brought out dessert. No, that's not a single serving (!!!), but for the table, but a foot-high carrot cake is an amazing thing to behold, plus an ice cream bombe, which you can't tell from this shot, that had a total outside crusting of whole toasted macadamias! I so wanted a "doggy bag"!

It turns out that I was "confused" about the event ... I had assumed (as I'd heard about it from their Twitter posts) that this was a program being run by 435Digital, but it was actually an event by EventBrite, who had invited in 435Digital and TribNation to do a presentation. This also worked out well for me, as I had the "lightbulb" idea to interview the EventBrite "Chicago Event Evangelist", Sara Altier, for my Wednesday The Job Stalker post (which I didn't have anything lined up for).

So, after lunch, Ms. Altier and I headed down the block to Starbucks, found the last two seats together (at the big common table), and proceeded to do a live interview. This was very strange for me, as "I'm not a journalist - I just write journals" but it worked out great, if taking a lot more time than the e-mail interviews do! All in all, a very pleasant and productive middle of the day.

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