BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OMG ...

Geez ... the last day of the month and I almost forget that I need to post for NaBloPoMo!

I spent all day up in Evanston working on ClickVision.TV stuff, and got into other stuff when I got home, and was just about to switch gears again to finish up some projects started this afternoon when I realized I was on the verge of blowing this off! Yikes!

Anyway ... as I've probably alluded to previously, I was "tied up" most of December and January with a big Second Life project (that I still haven't gotten paid for!!!), and fell way behind on my reading. As you know, I try to read at least 72 non-fiction books a year, which works out to trying to get in six a month. I was sort of freaking out that I'd only managed to get 3 read in January (after only doing two in December, just barely making 72 for 2010), and was worried that I was going to be in a hole that I wasn't going to be able to get out of ... after all, at the end of March I had read 18 books in 2006, 18 books in 2007, 19 books in 2008, 21 books in 2009, and 19 books in 2010, which makes my average 19 books in each of those five years, and as of tonight I've only made it to 17 for March. On the good side, I did manage to get 8 books in this month, so if I manage to do that again in April, I should get pretty much caught up. By the way, my annual totals have gone 73 in 2006, 79 in 2007, 78 in 2008, 74 in 2009, and 72 in 2010. I was hoping to have another book finished by today, but it's taking longer than I'd thought, but I'm still planning on having it reviewed this weekend and featured in The Job Stalker on Monday.

Anyway ... there you have it. I've done 31 posts in 31 days for March. Whoop-de-do! I'll see if I can find the "badge" for it to put in tomorrow's post.

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