BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Happy LJ-Birthday to me!

Yes, it's not just Cinco de Mayo, but it's my anniversary on Live Journal, having made my first post on 05/05/2000!

Isn't that exciting? I am somewhat bummed, however, as I had intended to try another NaBloPoMo this month, but got screwed up over the past couple of days, with my most recent book review sliding into the 4th, rather than being on the 3rd, so I missed a day already. How sad.

As you no doubt are aware ... after doing a post-a-day through March, April was pretty much just book reviews, except for the 1st, with stuff about NaBloPoMo, and my 30th anniversary in my building. I was feeling bad about that, but, again, didn't have much time to get around to writing in here.

Now, at the current "semi-job" with, we're supposed to be making blog posts on a daily basis, so I'm being reminded of that fairly frequently, so I'm hoping that this will "spill over" into here (or vice-versa). I have, of course, a big stack of The Job Stalker stuff to chat about, since I'm behind a month on that now ... although this is going to be drying up a bit since I've "given my self permission" to let that slide and not make myself crazy over not having a "job search book" to present on Mondays or a job industry feature for Wednesdays. Even my Twitter reading has slacked off, and I didn't have enough links to do a Link Dump last Friday ... so I'm only going to be posting in there when I have something to communicate. Of course, I'm really hoping that I'm going to end up with full-time employment soon and will be looking for a replacement to write that.

Anyway, as the flashing icon up there indicates, I was member #2,663 on LiveJournal way back in the day ... which gives me the unusual ability to say that I've been "active in Social Media" for over a decade (actually, it's been almost 30 years if you count stuff like AOL chat rooms, IRC, and various BBS things I was active on in the 80's)!

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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