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So, I've felt bad about this. I mean, my blog here hasn't been silent by any means over the past couple of months, I made 16 posts over 61 days, which means that on about 26% of those days I posted something, but I realize how narrow the nature of those posts ended up being (13 book reviews, 3 "mileposts", from my 30th anniversary at my current address to my 11th anniversary on LJ, plus the note that I had completed the March NaBloPoMo).

Frankly, I had a BUNCH of stuff that I wanted to post here ... lots of cool pics, some sad stuff, some random stuff, but there never seemed to be the time to get to them, or at least posting in here just didn't have the "buoyancy" to stay near the top of the "to do" list. And it bugged me.

So, I'm looking at launching myself again into the NaBloPoMo mix, and attempting to do a post every day in June. Now, some of this will look very familiar (you're going to get The Job Stalker updates until those are cleared, and I have them "stacked up" since the end of March!), and I don't anticipate there being any fewer book reviews, but you should at least get some news out of me. Aren't you lucky?

By the way ... I had a "DOH!" moment yesterday. You know how I prefaced my review of Job-Hunting Online a few days back saying how I wondered how I missed it previously? Well, I was re-stacking some books in the front bathroom and what did I find but the second edition of that (written by the elder Bolles), dating back quite a while. I assume that I'd at least scanned over the book in the intervening years, but it, obviously, hadn't made much of an impression on me at the time! I can only think that the younger Bolles brought more to the 6th edition that was relevant to me.

And ... I came up with a really horrible/wonderful pun/joke the other day when I was off being a chaperone on Daughter #1's class trip to the zoo. It could use a little context, but that will follow:
If you get hired to stick a dozen things together,
but only get paid for two of those,
does that mean that you had to
glue ten free?
Waka-waka ... "Gulten Free"! This was thanks to the elder sister of Daughter #1's BFF having brought her a lunch basket full of "gluten free" products, which of course set my twisted mind off into the back-channels that eventually brought forth this punny gem! Blame her.

Oh, by the way, I think I mentioned this before, but every month's NaBloPoMo has a "theme" (which is, thankfully, only a suggestion for those who find the blank screen hard to fill without some direction), and this month it's "Fans". So if I start talking about anything along those lines, you'll know I was "on deadline" and drawing a big fat empty blank!

Yo, ho, ho ...

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