BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OhhhKayyyyy ...

Well, that was almost the shortest NaBloPoMo on record.

I've had a very busy day ... several hours of coding videos in the morning, lunch with a couple of co-conspirators, and then off for to see Daughter #2's musical thing at school (she was in the first group of kids and in the LAST group of kids, so I had no way to escape). I get back from that and it's right back into coding these clickable zones, which I was really trying to get done by 9pm so I could present it as "done" for my boss at ClickVision.TV before the premiere showing of this week's episode of NightCap. It's not as "done" as I'd like, but towards the end of it the program was taking vast lots of time and I pretty much figured it was "done enough" for the purposes he was going to be using it.

While it's not a "job" yet, I'm getting pretty close to spending 8 hours a day on that project ... which sure beats a kick in the teeth.

Anyway, after we got done with the live-on-site thing at 10pm, I finally had a chance to hit the fridge and see what I could scare up for dinner ... and came this || close to figuring "oh, I'll just hit the sack". Fortunately, something reminded me that I still had a blog post to get done!

Once again, I have some substantive stuff to bring you, but I don't have any of the graphics and stuff lined up at the moment (this coding video stuff is hard on the computer, so I have to run "bare bones" which just ONE browser {!!!} open, and most of my usual stuff not loaded), so you're just getting my blithering tonight.

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